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Laurence Duncan
Maple Suit, Beacon House,
10 Forest Road,
Leicestershire, LE11 3NP
United Kingdom
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“When we started working with ActionCOACH less than 2 years ago we had no direction, no plan, no profits and wouldn’t have been able to ‘give the business away’. We had the business valued in March 2015 (valuation proof attached)……….the business got valued at £4.5M!! That’s what you call a return on investment!! Thanks for everything.”

Gary McMillan – The Horizon Group


“Laurence Duncan has the skills to be an ideal business coach. He can push you or pull you back, see the big picture whilst not missing the details. He can direct you or let you find your own direction, bring you up whilst keeping you grounded, identify your successes whilst not ignoring areas for improvement. It’s rare to find such an insight into the human condition and even rarer to apply them to the world of business with such aplomb.”

“My long suffering wife now has a husband instead of a mobile-adicted, reactive, appointment-cancelling “businessman”, weekends are weekends, holidays are holidays. Laurence and ActionCOACH have certainly changed my life and the lives of my family and employees”.

Nathan Wheeler – Managing Director, LSR


Since being coached by you through ActionCOACH, the results have been extrordinary in terms of business transformation and the confidence I have gained as a leader.

Mitul Ghadia, Managing Director at Whitegates


“When Laurence first contacted me I was interested in how he could make my life less stressful and after only a few sessions it is definitely working.
We are implementing the techniques he’s taught us and we are slowly becoming a more productive and organised company and starting to see the benefits after only a very short time”.

John Dickenson, Managing Director at Euroconcept


Laurence is a great business coach and with the ActionCoach system and more importantly his personality and drive to see you suceed he has all the right tools to fix your business. I would personally recommend Laurence Duncan.

Imraan Abubaker, Managing Director at Crystal Edge.

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