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Is Your Business A Prison With No Escape?

I’m a Business Owner… Get Me Out of Here!

Many business owners are really good at what they do. That small business enterprise has taken years to build into a great company, with premises, a great staff team and a big list of happy customers.

But it has also become a prison from which there is no escape.

You are still working every waking hour and taking a holiday means travelling from plug socket to plug socket with your laptop, solving problems and making decisions from departure lounges, cruises, pool-side cafes and hotel rooms.

None of this is endearing to your family, who only have you in body and not in mind, and mostly behind a laptop screen or mobile phone.

There never seems to be time to plan a way to be absent for a day, a weekend, or even a whole week. There is always just one more proposal to check, one more important call to make and one more deal to close.

A Business Coaching Programme can help


  • ·        Not to teach you how to run your business – you are already doing that perfectly
  • ·        Not because you have failed in the business world – it is quite the opposite.

A learner Tennis player doesn’t need a Coach, they are too busy learning what to do and how to do it. But a top tennis player DOES need a Coach, to look from the outside-in and help them to REFINE and PERFECT their strategy.

I Bet You Don’t Have Time for Personal Goals….

Goals and targets are for the company, the staff, the orders, the sales book, the production numbers – but ask any successful business millionaire what made the difference, and they will all tell you that it was PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, PERSONAL GOALS and PERSONAL TARGETS that helped them to reach for the stars – and to touch them.

If you can feel a twinge of empathy or a squirm of guilt at this point, why not book a FREE 2 hour discussion with Laurence Duncan, ActionCOACH Loughborough, and find out how close you are to touching the stars…..



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